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Kuala Lumpur

(Friday 2 October 2009) by Jon Paul & Sarah
The next morning we had breakfast at the hostel (love the free breakfasts), then took the metro to north Singapore, caught a bus, and went over the bridge to her neighbor to the north, Malaysia! In the border city, Johor Baru, we got our icecream and pastry, and then found another bus to take us north to Kuala Lumpur. That trip was so beautiful! Almost as soon as we left the city, we were surrounded on both sides by miles and miles of palm trees, all planted in rows, but full-grown, so that you felt like you were cutting through a lush green palm tree forest. It went on that way for hours. Then I read in my handy little guide that one of Malaysia's primary forms of income is palm oil, and it all made sense. It really was beautiful, going through that area.

We got to Kuala Lumpur after dark, and were dropped off in the middle of the city. A man immediately came up to us with a business card promoting a nearby hostel, so rather than wandering around like we usually do to find a place, we just followed him to Chinatown. Free internet and breakfast, it was great. We dropped off our stuff, then went and found some incredible Chinese food for dinner. That's one of the continual adventures of our traveling so far - the search for good cheap food! It never gets old, it's always fun :-)

Our first day in Kuala Lumpur we pretty much just hung out, read, wandered around a bit in search of food, walked through endless stalls of miscellaneous stuff for sale, during which I decided I probably needed a couple extra items of clothing, and just relaxed and enjoyed Chinatown. We found these amazing giant-sized poptarts almost, but a thousand times better, and with coconut jam inside. I don't know how many times we bought them while we were there...but it still wasn't enough. The next day we were a little more productive. We found our way (the long way, since we didn't have a map) to the Petronas Towers. On the way there we came across a big public map on a street corner, and had a great idea. We just took a picture of the map, and then for the rest of the day just referred to that! We may even do that the rest of the trip. Tickets to go up the Petronas towers were sold out for the day, but at least we got to see them. We got lunch and our McDonalds sundaes and wandered around some more, and came across this really great kids' water park in the middle of the city, and free! It was a super hot day, and I wanted more than anything to jump in the water with them, but since there were no other adults in the water, I didn't.

The funny thing about those first couple days is, we were an hour off the entire time. Due to the language barrier, we thought someone had told us to put our watches back an hour (or they were just having fun with us...). It wasn't until we were getting ready to leave that we discovered our mistake. We'd been wondering why there was nobody at breakfast when we we came down each morning....

After three nights in Kuala Lumpur, we headed out. We stopped by the store first, to get JP some shorts, since his had gotten several holes, some coconut jam (wasn't the same though), and more pastry. Then we walked to the bus station and caught a large bus to Penang. These big buses are great. The seats are huge, they recline AND have footrests, and the windows have fancy curtains with tassles. Definitely a step up from the Greyhound. The view wasn't quite so beautiful this time, but still great. And by then we were both hooked on our books and audiobooks (I'm on my fifth book. I haven't gotten to read this much in years!), so it went by fast.

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