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(Friday 11 September 2009) by Jon Paul & Sarah
Hello Everyone!

(or at least everyone who is actually checking this site...) I'm sorry that this update has been a while in coming, but it was a bit harder to find a good time\place to write a decent one. At the moment we have found a good cheap internet cafe in northern Bali, the city of Lovina, and we're definitely due to share what we've been up to. So here goes!

We left LA at 1:15am on Monday (Labor Day) and arrived on Tuesday Sept 8th at 2:30pm in Kuta, Bali. Now the airport is actually listed as Denpasar, which is a little bit more north of Kuta. A small fact that probably would have helped us barter a bit better on the taxi, but ah well. We arrived in Kuta, the best known resort/beach area of Bali and were immediately dropped off in the heart of the market/hostel area. While we were looking for a cheap hostel ($10 a night or so), we were confronted by an Australian who mentioned that he had a place that he was holding for his son who would be arriving in the next week or so, but was hoping to get some money back from anyone willing to stay. It was close to the beach and only $10 a night. So after being rejected from a couple of places (since we only wanted to stay one night and they required a min of 2), we decided to go at least take a look at the place he was referring.

Luckily another one of his friends passed by and Sarah and I were able to hop on the back of their rented bikes to the hotel. The hotel itself must have really been something 25 years ago, but since then has been left to major disrepair (something our new Aussie guide mentioned a couple of times with a mock smile). But the place definitely suited our needs, so we took him up on his offer. The best part wasn't just that it was $10 a night, but it really was just across from the beach, a novelty that we took up the moment we ditched our bags.


That evening we spent on the beach and walking around the city center, just checking things out. We found some great food down one of the many windy market streets, only costing us a total of $2... great food and, holy moses, what a price... The next day was spent much the same way. After being there, we decided that we really could stay one more night just to enjoy the beach and relax. So Sarah got coaxed into a massage on the beach (along with some bracelets because she felt bad :-D. And I laid out to turn my skin red and then went swimming to cool off and do some (very poor) body surfing. After some more great food, we ended the day hanging out with our Aussie friend and some of his buddies that night.

Yesterday we awoke to a phone call - which immediately made us a little nervous since we weren't sure who knew where we were. After picking it up in the lobby, it turned out to be from a neighboring resort that got our hotel information from a survey that we took and they proceeded to tell me that we had won the grand prize!!! Hurrah I said!! As I proceeded to wonder what the scam was... Turns out the "scam" was really more like a time-share presentation deal. You come and listen to their nonsense and they send you away with some stuff. Sarah and I decided to go along with it simply because they offered us a free ride up to Northern Bali (where we are now), but when it came time for the presentation they told us no one was around to give it to us and unfortunately that meant that we couldn't collect on their prize offer. (personally we both suspected that they took a look at our shabby appearance and decided that we weren't worth the trouble...)

Either way, we took a taxi up to more central Bali, to a town called Ubud. We stayed right outside of a place called the Monkey Forest, which really did belong to the monkeys... one even stole Sarah's earring. It was really funny and hopefully this picture does it even marginal justice.


This morning we woke up really early to take a walk around some of the nearby rice fields and watch the sunrise. Definitely a cool sight to see. Afterwards we found a bus to bring us up here to Lovina. We are hoping to head out to the ferry on the Western edge of Bali tomorrow morning and from there head over to central Java, Indonesia. So we'll keep you posted as the journey continues.

For now, I think this synopsis is long and boring enough, but don't worry, I'm sure we'll lose story-telling momentum as time goes on. That way it won't wear you out all in one sitting... ;-) We hope and trust that you are all well! Please keep us updated on what you all are doing as well. We love hearing from you.


All our love,

Jon Paul & Sarah

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